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“I have seen a lot of massage therapists and I consider Elodie to be exceptional. She is warm, professional, caring, highly skilled, and dedicated to patient care. She was genuinely interested in my condition, very knowledgeable about treatment approaches, anatomy, etc. I feel very comfortable and safe with her. Elodie is very present with her patients during treatment and doesn’t just go through the motions. She is also comfortable providing a massage with stronger pressure, and of course adjusting pressure as appropriate. There were times that I went to see her when I was in acute pain and I came out significantly better. I know that massage is no miracle cure, but this might be as close as it gets for me."   Doris J.

“Elodie utilizes her exceptional understanding of anatomy to assess patient needs, then works with a combination of intelligence, wisdom and intuitive touch to provide a first-class massage therapy experience."   Eric M.

“What makes a massage from Elodie wonderful is her attention to detail. Prior to any treatment, she discusses all areas of concern and customizes the massage to your needs. Whether it’s general body stress or specific areas, I always leave relaxed and rejuvenated. I could not recommend a massage therapist more highly than Elodie!"   Savannah M.

“After suffering from a very uncomfortable sensation of tingling and numbness in my arm, Elodie was able to swiftly target the source of the problem and after just one treatment the issue was resolved. Elodie's impressive  knowledge and expertise of anatomy and physiology makes her supremely qualified to treat issues which would otherwise be a mystery to a client."   Susie

“I came to massage from a referral by my doctor. I have tried several things to help my sensory neuropathy to no avail. While massage with Elodie has not been a miracle cure, it has helped me manage the symptoms. Elodie has tremendous knowledge about the human body and has clearly put in the research to my condition in order to help relieve my pain. She came to every session prepared with a plan yet worked with me to do what I needed. I highly recommend massage and especially with Elodie. You will leave refreshed, relaxed and yes…revitalized!"   Kari Miller

"I first started seeing Elodie when I was experiencing sharp pain in my hand that was starting to impact my work. Not only was she able to pinpoint the source of the problem, she also provided relief through massage and taught me at-home care I could do to prevent it from happening again. As I have continued to see Elodie regularly for upkeep, I've been blown away by her detailed notetaking and attentiveness to all aspects of my life that are impacting my body from my physically demanding job that uses repetitive upper body motions to what kind of extracurricular exercise I've taken up or even current house projects I'm working on. Her communication during massage is excellent, providing a soothing and professional environment catered to your specific needs and comfort level. I wholeheartedly recommend Elodie to every coworker, friend, and family member I have that needs a little TLC in their life."   Rylie S.

"Elodie is a wonderful massage therapist! She is always professional, kind, & listens to where I’m at & what I’m looking for each visit. She tailors every session to what my particular needs are that day. Whether it be after long runs or many hours working at my desk, Elodie provides a great amount of relief & helps my body reset. She also takes the time to share stretches I can do at home that have continued benefit between my appointments. I appreciate her dedication to her clients and passion for her work. I highly recommend Elodie to everyone – from people wanting some relaxation in their life to those looking for a partner to tackle anything from muscle tension to more significant injuries. She’s amazing!"   Heather B. 

"Hands down Elodie is the most experienced and knowledgeable massage therapist I have worked with in a long time. Besides getting an amazing massage, I learn something new every session about how my body works. I am so happy Elodie is on my team."     Rochelle B.

Elodie Chaplain, LMT, PLLC

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